June 15, 2021


About VMOS

VMOS is a virtual machine-based application software (VM) that allows you to install and run your own Android operating system on your computer. Root can be enabled with a single click on the VMOS device (root without a PC). It’s possible to think of it as a virtual box. Via VM technology, VMOS can be installed as a regular APP on a Linux or Android device. It’s both an Android emulator and a one-click App cloner in one package. Furthermore, VMOS is independent of the host system and is not regulated by it.

Installing VMOS is a simple and ease process that takes less than five minutes. You can download and install the ROM directly from the app, and it will begin to run as soon as the process is completed successfully. This latest operating system is based on Android 5.1.1 by default, and it allows you to install and run any app or game you want.

Having two similar applications or games installed on the same computer is one of the most common uses of VMOS. In reality, since this virtual OS runs in the background, you can play one game on it while playing another game or doing something else entirely on your computer.

Additional Information

Compatible withAndroid 5.0+

Features Of VMOS

  • Do you want to instal a new Android operating system on your phone?
  • Do you want to instal two identical apps on your phone?
  • Is your phone up to the task of installing all APPs?
  • VMOS will assist you in resolving these issues.
  • With free drag and zoom, a floating window appears over other apps. Floating Youtube video, etc. (background youtube).
  • VMOS is a global APP dedicated to building a virtual Android on Android, completely autonomous framework that is a geek’s favourite.
  • You can have two social networks online, juggling life and work in one device.
  • We can have VMOS running in the background for specific games.
  • Another unique aspect is that it is completely customizable.
  • Picture-in-picture mode is included with VMOS.

VMOS is a very useful software that allows you to have a self-contained operation.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email. Contact us: support@vmos.com

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